Watt hour to Milliamp hour (Wh to mAh) calculator Explained

By Last updated: December 29, 2022

Wh to mAh Calculator

Watt-hour to Milliamp-hour (Wh to mAh) Formula

To convert electrical energy from watt-hours to milliampere-hours, we can use this formula: mAh = (Wh x 1,000) / V.

$$\text{Energy in mAh} = \frac{\text{Energy in Wh} \times 1{,}000}{\text{Voltage}}$$


$${mAh} = \frac{Wh \times 1{,}000}{V}$$

Where Wh is the electrical energy in watt-hours, V is the voltage of the energy source, and mAh is the equivalent energy capacity in milliamp-hours.

How to convert watt-hours to milliamp-hours?

To convert energy value from watt-hours to milliamp-hours, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Write down the energy value in watt-hours (Wh).
  2. Multiply it by 1,000.
  3. Divide the result with the battery nominal voltage (V).
  4. The result from the equation is the value of an energy capacity in milliamp-hours (mAh).

Example: Find the energy capacity of an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max battery

What is the energy capacity of an iPhone 14 Pro Max battery with a nominal voltage of 3.86V that can produce 16.68678 Wh of electrical energy? Assuming it can use 100% of its energy capacity.

To calculate the energy capacity in milliamp-hours or mAh, use the following formula and follows by entering the given values.

$\text{Energy in mAh} = \frac{\text{Energy in Wh}}{\text{Voltage}}$
$\text{Energy in mAh} = \frac{16.68678\ Wh}{3.86\ V}$


$\text{Energy in mAh} = {4,323\ mAh}$

So the energy capacity of the 3.86V battery is 4,323 mAh.

Alternatively, our Wh to mAh conversion calculator can achieve the same result by simply entering the value of electrical energy in watt-hours and voltage in volts.

Convert watt-hour to milliamp-hour for iPhone 14 Pro Max battery.
Convert watt-hour to milliamp-hour for iPhone 14 Pro Max battery.

If you are on a mobile device, you can press the COPY button to copy the result to your device clipboard and paste it anywhere you want.

Typical Wh to mAh Conversion Table

Below are the conversion tables from watt-hours to milliamp-hour (Wh to mAh) for different battery voltages. Use the table below for a quick reference.

1.2V NiMH rechargeable battery

Watt-hour (Wh)Voltage (V)Milliamp-hour (mAh)
0.1 Wh1.2 V83.33 mAh
0.5 Wh1.2 V416.67 mAh
1 Wh1.2 V833.33 mAh
2 Wh1.2 V1,666.67 mAh
3 Wh1.2 V2,500.00 mAh
4 Wh1.2 V3,333.33 mAh
5 Wh1.2 V4,166.67 mAh
6 Wh1.2 V5,000.00 mAh
7 Wh1.2 V5,833.33 mAh
8 Wh1.2 V6,666.67 mAh
9 Wh1.2 V7,500.00 mAh
10 Wh1.2 V8,333.33 mAh

1.5V Alkaline battery

Watt-hour (Wh)Voltage (V)Milliamp-hour (mAh)
0.1 Wh1.5 V66.67 mAh
0.5 Wh1.5 V333.33 mAh
1 Wh1.5 V666.67 mAh
2 Wh1.5 V1,333.33 mAh
3 Wh1.5 V2,000.00 mAh
4 Wh1.5 V2,666.67 mAh
5 Wh1.5 V3,333.33 mAh
6 Wh1.5 V4,000.00 mAh
7 Wh1.5 V4,666.67 mAh
8 Wh1.5 V5,333.33 mAh
9 Wh1.5 V6,000.00 mAh
10 Wh1.5 V6,666.67 mAh

3.6V 18650 rechargeable battery

Watt-hour (Wh)Voltage (V)Milliamp-hour (mAh)
0.1 Wh3.6 V27.78 mAh
0.5 Wh3.6 V138.89 mAh
1 Wh3.6 V277.78 mAh
2 Wh3.6 V555.56 mAh
3 Wh3.6 V833.33 mAh
4 Wh3.6 V1,111.11 mAh
5 Wh3.6 V1,388.89 mAh
6 Wh3.6 V1,666.67 mAh
7 Wh3.6 V1,944.44 mAh
8 Wh3.6 V2,222.22 mAh
9 Wh3.6 V2,500.00 mAh
10 Wh3.6 V2,777.78 mAh


How many milliamp hours in a watt-hour?

For typical 12V car or solar batteries, one watt-hour (1 Wh) equivalence to 83.33 milliamp hours (83.33 mAh).

1.2 V1 Wh833.33 mAh
1.5 V1 Wh666.67 mAh
3.6 V1 Wh277.78 mAh
9 V1 Wh111.11 mAh
12 V1 Wh83.33 mAh
24 V1 Wh41.67 mAh
48 V1 Wh20.83 mAh
Table of the number of milliamp-hours in a watt-hour in different battery voltages.

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