Watt hours to ampere hours (Wh to Ah) calculator Explained

By Last updated: June 15, 2023

Wh to Ah Calculator

Wh to Ah Formula

The formula to convert electrical energy from watt-hours to ampere-hours is Ah = Wh / V.

$$\text{Energy in Ah} = \frac{\text{Energy in Wh}}{\text{Voltage}}$$


$${Ah} = \frac{Wh}{V}$$

Where Wh is the electrical energy in watt-hours, V is the voltage of the energy source, and Ah is the equivalent energy capacity in Amp-Hours.

How to convert watt-hours to amp-hours?

To convert energy value from watt-hours to amp-hours, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Write down the energy value in watt-hours (Wh).
  2. Divide it by the value of the energy source voltage (V).
  3. The result from the equation is the value of an energy value in amp-hours (Ah).

Example: Find the energy capacity of a Google Pixel 6 Pro battery

What is the energy capacity of a Pixel 6 Pro battery with a nominal voltage of 3.85V and can produce 19.26 Wh of electrical energy? Assuming it can use 100% of its energy capacity.

To find the energy capacity of the battery in amp-hours or Ah, use the following formula and follows by entering the given values.

$\text{Energy in Ah} = \frac{\text{Energy in Wh}}{\text{Voltage}}$
$\text{Energy in Ah} = \frac{19.26\ Wh}{3.85\ V}$


$\text{Energy in Ah} = {5.00259 Ah}$

So the energy capacity of the 3.85V battery is 5.00259 Ah.

Alternatively, our Wh to Ah conversion calculator can achieve the same result by simply entering the value of electrical energy in watt-hours and voltage in volts.

An example of using our calculator to find Ah value with given energy value in Wh and voltage.
Converting energy from Wh to Ah with our calculator

If you are on a mobile device, you can press the COPY button to copy the result to your device clipboard and paste it anywhere you want.

Typical Wh to Ah Conversion Table

Here is the conversion table from watt-hour to ampere-hour or (Wh to Ah) in consumer batteries. Use the table below for a quick reference.

1.2V NiMH rechargeable battery

Watt-hour (Wh)Voltage (V)Ampere-hour (Ah)
0.1 Wh1.2 V0.08 Ah
0.5 Wh1.2 V0.42 Ah
1 Wh1.2 V0.83 Ah
2 Wh1.2 V1.67 Ah
3 Wh1.2 V2.50 Ah
4 Wh1.2 V3.33 Ah
5 Wh1.2 V4.17 Ah
6 Wh1.2 V5.00 Ah
7 Wh1.2 V5.83 Ah
8 Wh1.2 V6.67 Ah
9 Wh1.2 V7.50 Ah
10 Wh1.2 V8.33 Ah

1.5V Alkaline battery

Watt-hour (Wh)Voltage (V)Ampere-hour (Ah)
0.1 Wh1.5 V0.067 Ah
0.5 Wh1.5 V0.333 Ah
1 Wh1.5 V0.667 Ah
2 Wh1.5 V1.333 Ah
3 Wh1.5 V2.000 Ah
4 Wh1.5 V2.667 Ah
5 Wh1.5 V3.333 Ah
6 Wh1.5 V4.000 Ah
7 Wh1.5 V4.670 Ah
8 Wh1.5 V5.333 Ah
9 Wh1.5 V6.000 Ah
10 Wh1.5 V6.667 Ah

3.6V 18650 rechargeable battery

Watt-hour (Wh)Voltage (V)Ampere-hour (Ah)
0.1 Wh3.6 V0.027 Ah
0.5 Wh3.6 V0.138 Ah
1 Wh3.6 V0.278 Ah
2 Wh3.6 V0.556 Ah
3 Wh3.6 V0.833 Ah
4 Wh3.6 V1.111 Ah
5 Wh3.6 V1.389 Ah
6 Wh3.6 V1.667 Ah
7 Wh3.6 V1.944 Ah
8 Wh3.6 V2.222 Ah
9 Wh3.6 V2.500 Ah
10 Wh3.6 V2.778 Ah


Why convert watt hours to amp hours?

Converting electrical energy from watt hours to amp hours (Wh to Ah) helps you quickly identify the number of batteries that can produce your desired electrical energy. It also lets you find out the actual usable capacity of the battery compared to its factory rating.

For example, to generate 600 Wh, you will need a 50 Ah battery or two 25 Ah batteries with 12V nominal voltage.

What is the difference between watt-hours and amp-hours?

Watt hours (Wh) and amp hours (Ah) are the units of energy used to measure the amount of electrical energy produced or consumed over time. However, there are a few key differences between them.

  • Watt hours or Wh measure the energy from operating power of one watt for an hour. For example, if you want to know how much energy is consumed by an electric fan rating at 100W within a day. The result would be 2,400 Wh by multiplying 100W and 24 hours.
  • Ampere hours or Amp hours (Ah), on the other hand, measure the energy from electric charge that accumulated over time. For example, a 1 Ah battery can output 1 ampere (A) of current for one hour or 0.5A for two hours.

How many amp hours in a watt-hour?

For typical 12V car or solar batteries, one watt-hour (1 Wh) equivalence to 0.083 amp hours (0.083 Ah).

1.2 V1 Wh0.833 Ah
1.5 V1 Wh0.667 Ah
3.6 V1 Wh0.278 Ah
9 V1 Wh0.111 Ah
12 V1 Wh0.083 Ah
24 V1 Wh0.0416 Ah
48 V1 Wh0.0208 Ah
The number of amp hours in a watt-hour in different battery voltages.

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