A watt-hour is a unit of electrical energy measurement equivalent to a power consumption of one watt for one hour. It has a unit symbol of W⋅h or Wh that is often found on small batteries to help you determine how long it can power the equipment or devices based on their power rating in watts.

Google Pixel 4 Battery Rated at 10.78 Wh or 2,800 mAh

Google Pixel 4 battery rate at 10.78 Wh or 2,800 mAh


A Li-ion polymer battery inside a Google Pixel 4 phone has a capacity of 2,800 milliamp-hours or 10.78 watt-hours. Theoretically, the battery could power:

  • A one-watt led bulb for 10.78 hours.
  • A five-watt light bulb for 2.156 hours.
  • A ten-watt portable mini fan for 1.078 hours.