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User Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for using our calculator.

Water Intake Calculator

How do you use the water intake calculator?

To determine the amount of water you should consume daily using our calculator, use the following steps:

  1. Check your preferred unit system.
  2. Enter your weight.
  3. Enter your daily exercise duration in hours, minutes, or both.

Water Intake Calculator - Input Fields

When you provide the required information, our water intake calculator suggests the amount of water in ounces, liters, or glasses you should drink for good health.

Water Intake Calculator - Result

Calculation Features

Our calculator has some essential features to help you fill in your information and get the result as quickly as possible.

Type, Click, or Swipe

We developed the calculator to accept all interaction methods to speed up your information-filling process. In most input fields, you don't need to use the keyboard. You can use the mouse or finger to adjust the field value by swiping within a predefined range.

Assisted information-filling

More ways to adjust the value

Some calculators also offer a range of preset values, which you can quickly enter by clicking the associated button.

Preset Values

You can fill the field with preset values.

Metric or Imperial Unit

Each calculator has a unit switcher button right under the form. The calculator switches between the metric and imperial systems when you click or tap on it. All input values are converted to an appropriate target unit (e.g., cm to feet, in).

Health Calculator - Unit System Switcher

Convert values between metric and imperial systems.

Reload the form

Click the refresh icon or button under the form to calculate new information.

Health Calculator - Reload the form


Our calculator provides personalization features, allowing users to customize the user interface to match their preferences.

Change dark mode

By default, our calculator dark mode follows your system's preference. However, you can change it by opening the Settings menu and turning on/off the dark mode switch.

Health Calculator - Change Dark Mode

Open the Settings menu and toggle the dark mode switch.

Change theme color

Our calculator comes with several theme colors to match your preferences. You can change them by opening the Settings > Theme menu and selecting your favorite color.

Health Calculator - Change Theme Color

Open the Settings menu, open the Theme menu, and select a color.

Water Intake Calculator

Water Intake Calculator

Last updated: December 24, 2023

About this app

Calculate your daily water intake based on weight and exercise with our hydration calculator to maintain your health and stay hydrated.

App availability

You can use the calculator for free as a PWA web app online or install it locally on any modern operating system, including Android, iOS, Windows 11/10, and macOS.

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