Aspect Ratio Calculator Explained

By Last updated: March 03, 2023

Aspect Ratio Calculator

What is Aspect Ratio?

Different resolutions with the same aspect ratio

Aspect Ratio is the ratio of the width and the height of an image, video, or screen. Its value helps you create scalable content that will fit perfectly into any container with the same aspect ratio.

It's formatted in the form of W:H, where W is the width and H is the height of an image, screen, or container. In digital space, the measurement unit is in pixels.

Common Aspect Ratios

Here is the table of popular aspect ratios and their purpose:

PurposeAdvertised RatioReal RatioSample Resolution
Classic TV, Monitor, Projector4:34:31440 x 1080
Classic Film, Microsoft Surface3:23:21680 x 1080
Apple MacBook, Creator Laptops16:1016:101728 x 1080
HD Video, Common Laptop and TV16:916:91920 x 1080
Ultrawide Monitor, Cinema Video21:921:92520 x 1080
64:272560 x 1080
43:183440 x 1440
12:52880 x 1200
Ultrawide Monitor, Double 16:9 display32:93840 x 1080
Common Aspect Ratios in Comparison

How to use the aspect ratio calculator

We built our calculator into different sections to host all solutions related to aspect ratio. Here are the instructions on how to use each app section.

Find Resolutions tab

This section helps you calculate the correct proportion of the resolution width and height based on an aspect ratio that you selected from a commonly used preset or a custom one. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use this section.

  1. Choose an aspect ratio from the presets. You can also use the Ratio Width and Ratio Height box to enter a custom one.
  2. Enter a Width value to find a corresponding Height value and vice versa based on the aspect ratio you chose.
  3. The calculator will automatically calculate every time you change your input.

Find Aspect Ratio tab

Unlike the previous tab, the Find Ratio or Find Resolution Ratio tab helps you to find the aspect ratio value of any screen, image, or video by providing its resolution width and height in pixels format. Here is how to this tab.

  1. Choose a common resolution from the presets or enter the resolution width and height.
  2. The calculator will automatically calculate every time you change your input.
Aspect Ratio Calculator

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