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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for using our calculator.

Screen Size Calculator

How to use the screen size calculator?

Screen Size Calculator - Quick Start

Select an aspect ratio and enter a dimension to calculate.

Our calculator is straightforward to use. Finding the screen dimensions and area is just two clicks away.

  • Step 1: Select an aspect ratio from the presets.
  • Step 2: Enter one of the screen dimensions you know.

Everything else will be calculated instantly and automatically.

Custom aspect ratio

If your screen aspect ratio isn't available from the presets, you can enter it yourself by clicking on the Custom button, which will show two text boxes where you can enter the ratio.

Entering a custom aspect ratio

Enter a custom aspect ratio.

When you enter both values, the screen preview will help you visualize your input and verification.

Reset all fields

To quickly clear all your input, use the trash bin icon next to the Screen dimensions card.

Reset all the fields in Screen Size Calculator

Click the trash bin button to clear all inputs.

Change units

Our calculator offers multiple units. When you change a unit, the value of the corresponding field is automatically calculated. You can change the measurement unit by clicking the drop-down next to the dimension you want to change.

Screen Size Calculator - Change Units

Select the drop-down to change the unit.

Screen Size Calculator

Screen Size Calculator

Last updated: March 06, 2024

About this app

Our screen size calculator is an accurate and reliable tool that can quickly determine the dimensions of any screen or media, whether it's your TV, computer monitor, photo, or video. Our calculator can find the diagonal, width, height, and area by providing the aspect ratio and one of the dimensions.

App availability

You can use the calculator for free as a PWA web app online or install it locally on any modern operating system, including Android, iOS, Windows 11/10, and macOS.

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