TV and Screen Calculator Explained

By Last updated: March 24, 2024

TV and Screen Calculator

What is a TV and screen calculator?

TV and screen calculator is an all-in-one app that calculates pixel density (PPI), display dimensions, viewing distance, mounting height, and more. It is an essential tool for technicians and consumers who are researching and looking for the best TVs, monitors, projectors, and other displays.


Our calculator provides various helpful tools to simplify your screen and TV-related calculations. It currently includes five different calculators, each tailored to meet specific needs. 

TV and Screen Calculator - Functionalities in version 1
TV & Screen Calculator functionalities
  1. Pixel Per Inch (PPI) Calculator — This tool helps determine a TV or display's pixel density.
  2.  Screen Size Calculator — This tool helps you find a TV's physical dimensions based on aspect ratio and diagonal.
  3.  Ideal TV Size Calculator — This tool helps you find the perfect TV size for your preferred viewing distance.
  4.  Ideal TV Distance Calculator — This tool helps you find the perfect place to place your seat for the best viewing experience based on your TV size.
  5.  TV Mounting Height Calculator — This tool helps determine the height at which you should hang your TV.

We are constantly working hard to improve and expand our calculator functionalities. So stay tuned for more exciting updates!

TV and Screen Calculator

TV and Screen Calculator App

About this app

Our TV and Screen Calculator is an all-in-one calculator with essential tools to calculate the TV or screen size, pixel density, ideal viewing distance, and more.

App availability

You can use the calculator for free as a PWA web app online or install it locally on any modern operating system, including Android, iOS, Windows 11/10, and macOS.

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