Ideal TV Size Calculator Explained

By Last updated: March 09, 2024

Ideal TV Size Calculator

What is an ideal TV-size calculator?

An ideal TV-size calculator is an essential tool to help you find the best TV screen size based on your seat distance and recommended viewing angle to provide the best viewing experience.

User Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for using our calculator.

Ideal TV Size Calculator

How do you use a TV-size calculator?

To find a perfect TV size for your living room or bedroom with our calculator, follow the steps we outlined below:

Fill in the information

Step 1—Measure the distance between the TV and where you would like to sit to watch it.

Ideal TV Size Calc - Preview

Step 2—Choose from the View Distance presets or enter a custom value.

Ideal TV Size Calc - Enter Viewing Distance

Step 3—Select a TV screen resolution from presets or select Custom to enter a custom one.

Ideal TV Size Calc - Choose Screen Resolution

Understanding the results

When you complete filling in all the information, our ideal TV-size calculator will calculate and show the three different results:

Result 1—a recommended small TV screen size for your preferred viewing distance that covers 30 degrees of your viewing angle.

Result 2—a recommended large TV screen size for your preferred viewing distance that covers 40 degrees of your viewing angle.

Ideal TV Size Calc - Recommended Small and Large TV Screen Size

Result 3—The largest TV screen size you can get to prevent seeing the individual pixels based on your TV screen resolution.

Ideal TV Size Calc - Maximum TV Size for Pixel Free

Ideal TV Size Calculator

Ideal TV Size Calculator App

About this app

Our Ideal TV Screen Size calculator has all the features you need to quickly find the best screen size for your TV based on your seat distance and the TV screen resolution.

App availability

You can use the calculator for free as a PWA web app online or install it locally on any modern operating system, including Android, iOS, Windows 11/10, and macOS.

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